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Missing Comic Con

The night before Comic Con I lay in my bed

Hoping for heroes but feeling just dread

Knowing the virus would be here instead.

There will not be arch villains walking my street.

There will be no celebrities I can chance to meet.

No zombies will chase me down, trying to eat.

“It’s my favorite week,” I yelled at the sky

My head knew the reason, my heart just asked, “why?”

When one of my eyeballs decided to cry.

Then my cellphone gave a tiny vibration

Announcing I received a notification

I read it and found my heart feeling elation.

I read that downtown a small shrine can be seen

With t-shirts, and flowers, sci-fi figurines,

And posters, and pictures, and Mad Magazines.

I read this and there were no words I could say

(But I think that my grok grew three sizes that day)

Because not even Covid can keep nerds away!

So, wherever you are, put your Jedi robe on

Dress like Wonder Woman, Batman, or Tron,

Together we’ll still celebrate Comic Con.

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