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Learn English with ChrisinEnglish


Are you ready to take your English to that next level? It might help you get that great job, or get into that great school. It could even help you travel our great world and meet those great new friends. Whatever your reason for studying English, I can help you.

For over 25 years I have helped students strengthen their speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in an effective but fun way. And now I am teaching students online, bringing the same high energy and sense of adventure I brings to my in-person classrooms.

ChrisinEnglish offers Test preparation lessons. These are group classes that help you strengthen all of the skills academic tests will require of you. Not only do you get the benefits of an experienced teacher, you also build your skills by working with others who are learning at your level. Test preparation lessons are only $35 USD for a 60 minute class with a 5 class minimum. Save 10% when you book the entire 10 week course.

No matter why you are studying, no matter in a group or private class. Chris and ChrisinEnglish look forward to being your teacher. 

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