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5 Great Tips For Reading English

Reading English can be tough for any non-native speaker. That’s why it’s important to develop creative and fun programs to make learning easier and more enjoyable. Here are some tips to

Four students reading together.
Improving reading skills helps improve ALL of our English skills

help make reading English enjoyable and educational for ESL students.

1. Break it down: When tackling a new book, magazine, or newspaper, break it down into smaller parts. First, look at the words, then sentence structure, and finally the context of each section. This helps break up the learning process and makes it easier to understand the flow of the language.

2. Read with images: Utilizing images during reading can increase comprehension. While reading,

have the student draw images for each sentence or paragraph. This process not only helps them to understand, but it also adds a creative outlet to the learning process.

3. Speak out loud: While doing reading exercises, it is important to pronounce the words correctly. Reading out loud helps practice pronunciation and fluency. Additionally, it allows the student to become more comfortable with the language they are speaking.

4. Increase your vocabulary: One of the best ways to increase your understanding of the English language is to increase your vocabulary. Make flashcards with new words and phrases as you read or take time to practice online. There are tons of online English vocabulary tools to help you learn and memorize.

5. Practice with fun activities: Learning should be fun, and reading English can be enjoyable if you mix it up with some fun activities. Incorporate the reading into a game or create a scavenger hunt. You could also turn the reading into a challenge. For every page they read, reward them with something fun like a movie night.

No matter what your reading level is, learning to read English can be one of the most challenging parts of mastering the language. With the right tools and a bit of creativity, it can also be a fun and educational experience. So don’t be afraid to shake things up and find new and innovative ways to make learning English more enjoyable.

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